Happy New Year, folks!

In lieu of making resolutions (and the inevitable failure to live up to them), worrying over economic uncertainties, upcoming elections, and things beyond our control…

Let us all consider the PINEAPPLE. 

So simple. So pleasurable. So many endless, positive qualities. 

Here’s just 10 of them: 

  1. It’s a superfood
  1. It’s fun to say
  1. Goes well with SPAM® (bacon, rum, seafood, Thai) and you can hollow it out and use it as its own bowl!
  1. Possesses an exotic, tropical je ne’ sais quoi (in French: l’ananas)
  1. Somewhat cuddly, also somewhat prickly (an alluring contradiction) 
  1. It excites the tongue and tickles the taste buds (especially the back of the mouth)
  1. Sports a punk rock hairdo (hello, green mohawk)
  1. When used for baking, you must make the cake upside down 
  1. Yellow: a happy, gregarious color—vivacious, warm, sunbeams, a golden cup of YES, LIFE! 
  1. Pineapple anatomy is whack: a pineapple is made up of many flowers whose fruitlets have joined around the core. Fruitlets?!!? Whaa??

This year, let us all strive to savor the little things, take joy in simple pleasures and tiny wonders.

To keep perspective on what really matters in life. Because in the big picture, it’s the little things that count (like Pineapples) (in 2020). 

Take a pic of you and your pineapple and share it with us! The pineapple movement is hereand now. Join us! 

To learn more about pineapples or how to know which pineapple is the right one for you:

Erm, Google it! Or ask your local produce department specialist.