Call us Ishmael. Or, okay, call us crazy—but we suspect there are many creatives out there who secretly (or not so secretly) harbor a white whale concept, an idea you can’t seem to sell, but you just can’t seem to let go.

Okay, let’s back up for a moment, in case literary references aren’t your thing and you’re thinking, white whale? What the duck does that mean? 

white wale

Something you obsess over to the point where it becomes kinda an ultimate life goal.  An obsession you can’t help but pursue even to the edge of doom. Like how Captain Ahab became obsessed with killing Moby Dick (the white whale) in the book, um, Moby Dick (duh).

(True confession: this blogger has not actually read Moby Dick.)

We have a theory that every advertising or marketing creative has a white whale idea, a concept you love and find enthralling. You pitch it, but nobody bites. You pitch it again. Same story.  This may go on for years; it gets stuck in your crawl.  You pigheadedly pursue it, hoping, maybe one day, finally, it will catch.

Your whale of an idea has turned into your white whale.

One might even compare this affliction to…ahem…


Okay, yes, tricky to precisely define. Still, the physical and metaphorical beauty of FRACTALS is astounding and confounding.

A structure produced by nature. A never-ending pattern that repeats itself at different scales. Although formed by repeating a simple process, they grow increasingly intricate. Yet, if y0u zoom in on any small region, you’ll see the exact same thing as the whole. You could theoretically zoom in forever.

Simple and infinitely complex, at the same time. They are a paradox. Individuality and universality. Chaos and symmetry. The infinite contained within a finite space. They inhabit their own dimension.

Natural fractals are everywhere! Clouds, trees, plants, snowflakes, lightning, galaxies, crystals, blood vessels, hurricanes, seashells, our brains…

Hark! What’s that sound?

Sorry, the harpoon calls!

Do you have a white whale concept? Fess up and share with us!