Brand recognition is important (duh).

Coming up with standout, creative ways to be seen and grab your consumer’s attention? Well, that can require a bit of finesse.

It may seem that increasing exposure today is all about your digital game and driving traffic—and, well, yes, that’s true to a large degree.

However, we’d like to take pause and consider that often the best marketing strategies involve a combination of—sometimes unexpected—tactics.

To illustrate this point, we’d like to share a few marvel-worthy, mobile advertising examples that literally, er, drive traffic…


L.L. Bean Bootmobile

Duracell Battery Operated Flatbed

Goldfish Snacker Jack Car

Guinness Beer Can Delivery System


Ikea Window View Window

Big Mother Trucker Mars Bar

Mr. Peanut’s New Wheels

Spam Van

Kleenex Achoo Transporter

Oscar Meyer’s Weinermobile


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