In a world where pesky social media “influencers” peddle “exposure” in exchange for freebies, one ice cream man dares to take a hard line with his soft serve….

Ok, so maybe not blockbuster movie material, but it does make for one heck of a funny news story—and (ahem) a twist—sprinkled—with irony.

The tale of the LA ice cream truck owner went viral last week after he become so fed up with requests for free ice cream (in return, a social media mention to hoards of followers!), that he posted a sign announcing influencers would be charged double.

There are many reasons this story is so satisfying, even, somehow inspiring.  It sends a message.

We think there’s a takeaway that applies whether we’re talking about a business, a brand, or just personally. Know who you are—what you stand for, what you do best, what you need or don’t need—and be true to what’s right for you.

Influencer, shminfluencer.

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