Building your brand online and in unconventional ways can lead to self-made success stories that prove wildly profitable.

Yes, we’re talking about internet videos. But a smart** attitude just may be the real secret sauce—humor and a willingness not to take yourself (or brand voice) too seriously.

In the examples below, it’s how these two guys struck gold.

Check out these videos:

The Craziest Attorney Ads Ever: “Texas Law Hawk”

Insanely over-the-top and slightly unhinged?  So absurd you wonder if it’s real? Kinda twisted, sophomoric, and…well, brilliant-funny? Yep. Yep. And yep.

Bryan Wilson, a.k.a. the “Texas Law Hawk,”  a lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas, probably makes the most bonkers attorney ads you’ve ever seen. Because, obviously, if you’ve been arrested for DUI, then you need the “talons of justice” to bust in on a motorbike, pop some wheelies, and fight the law on your behalf.

Okay, seriously, you just have to see it.

Although the commercials don’t air on TV, it’s totally real.  In a CNN interview, Wilson explains that he makes these videos to share on Facebook and social media, both for a laugh and to promote his unique brand as an attorney. And yeah, the videos have gone viral.

You can check out his blog here:

Dollar Shave Club

If you’re not already familiar with the Dollar Shave Club story, it’s a good one. 

Founder, Michael Dubin’s found the razor-buying process irritating and came up with the idea that if you could mail customers replacement blades at a lower cost, it could solve this problem.

In 2012, Dubin published an online video that introduced Dollar Shave Club to the world and would establish the voice of the brand—waggish, funny, and not at all self-serious.

The video cost $4,500 to make, paid for with Dubin’s own meager savings. It was an instant success; Dollar Shave Club took 12,000 orders that day.

The company quickly made a name for itself with viral online videos. Dubin’s background in marketing, corporate finance, and improv comedy proved to be an ideal alchemy.

In 2016, Unilever bought the five-year-old venture for $1 billion, under the promise Dollar Shave Club would retain what made it special—its voice, culture, and scrappy, free spirit.

Moral of this blog post? Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and let your smart** flag fly!