Well, folks, our Monkey Survey results are in, at last! We’ll spare you the yawn factor and get right to the good stuff.

Basically, we’ve distilled it down to a few tasty tidbits. Don’t worry, the superfluous, mind-numbing infographics will be deployed with ascetic monk-like (okay, ascetic monk meets Thelonious Monk) restraint.

Here we go.

Part I

The top 3 challenges to your marketing and communication goals this year? 

According to our survey participants, the most frequently cited hurdles are: 

1. Budget (too expensive) 

2. Creativity (uninspired, predictable, same old thinking)

3. Availability (lack of followthrough, proactiveness) 

50% of our survey participants ranked budget and high costs among their 3 biggest challenges.

Part II

Your most burning desires!  

Or, the 3 highest ranked marketing and communication needs, according to the monkey survey’s calculations: 

  1. Content development
  2. Digital marketing solutions 
  3. Brand creation stuff

Aaaaand, we’ll be serving up a special little side of home stats to go with that…

Speaking of burning desire. In a Glassdoor study, 58% of women and 48% of men reported finding love at work.

70% of our survey participants rated content development as a can’t-live-without-it top priority. 

58% of people say they trust strangers more than their own boss, according to a Harvard Business Review survey. (Kinda weird. Hey, any bosses out there reading this, chew on that bone for a little while, huh?)

0% of our survey participants said they view creative agencies solely as a pain in the ass.

Coincidentally, 0% is also the chance of rain today in this writer’s locale.

89% of people on LinkedIn find funny pictures of monkeys irresistible.

1.65 is the average number of lies told per day.

This is according to a survey that asked participants how many lies they had told in the past twenty-four hours, as reported by Psychology Today (it should be noted, they qualified these findings as highly dubious).

How many participants were lying about the extent of their lying? 

Nobody knows. 

Now the #1, not at all dubious, takeaway from our monkey survey.

What do people most value and look for when working with a creative agency?  

People want to work with people they like; with whom they feel they have a genuine connection and rapport. Like 9 out of 10 people or something (see totally nonsensical chart below).

In sum, it’s about trust and integrity.

You know, be real. Say what you’re going to do.

Then, do it.