Yes, that’s right. Pig.

You’re probably scratching your head, wondering what the heck we’re smoking over here.

Unless, of course, you’re familiar with the Chinese zodiac.

The Chinese New Year has arrived and 2019 is the year of the Pig.

The Earth Pig, to be precise. But here’s the simple version:

In the Chinese zodiac, each year in the 12 year cycle is represented by a different animal.

All those born under the animal sign of a particular year are thought to have certain qualities or characteristics.

Pig Profile

Pigs tend to get a bad wrap. You might think: chauvinist, bossy Muppet, George Clooney’s pet, or adjectives like messy, crude, and selfish.

The Pig of the Chinese zodiac, however, is different.

Traits associated with the Pig (also, sometimes called the Boar), include a warm, likable, and very social personality, along with great focus, energy and optimism, which bring happiness and success.

These engaging qualities associated with the Pig are also qualities that make for brand and marketing success.

In this year of the Pig, resolve to infuse more personality and energy into your communication strategies. We predict good fortune will follow.

Okay, that may not exactly be some great mystical revelation, but we do think it’s solid advice.

You’re reading this, aren’t you?